ZircuS is a group of people (Aleš Gangl, Tomislav Gangl, Marko Štruc, Maks Gregor, Aleš Krevh, Uroš Bračič, Rok Bricman) exercising musical, visual art and art in general. So far their artistic skills have manifested themselves through releasing albums and performing live. Since 2003 they have released a demo "Journey" in 2009 and two albums "Epic Tribe" in 2010 and "Away from the Safety Zone" which was released this year (2012).
ZircuS has also been involved in the music, graphic creation and production of a Video Mapping project Svetlobni stolp (vimeo.com/34657331) by Chamelotron team (chamelotron.com).

When "Away from the Safety Zone" was released Uroš Bračič (drummer) came up with the idea to film a (skate) spot for the song "Like a Lion". We made a plan and through the summer when I was working on some other BMX/Skate videos I tried to get as much footage as possible for the ZircuS video. This is the product of our joint forces.

Produced by Luka Karlin
Riders: Janez Kac, Rok Konečnik, Klemen Kac, Luka Karlin, Miha Glavič, Kristjan Senica, Denis Nabernik
Filming/Editing: Luka Karlin
Additional filming: Blaž Račnik, Nika Uhan, Jure Horvat
Music: ZircuS - Like a Lion
Away from the Safety Zone

Thanks to Tine Lenart and Jaka Pruš for providing the filming gear.

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