Gum used to be fun. Gum used to get you something extra and something worth collecting. We created an up-to-date digital version that will get teens collecting and chewing in the most mind blowingly amazing gum movement.

To launch Mondelez International's (formerly Kraft's) new gum, we created iD ArtCade, an interactive gallery and arcade that allows teens to scan pack artwork to unlock 18 free games. Teens can scan multiple pack artwork to unlock game changing combos. Use ArtCade to connect with Facebook, compete with friends, check progress, and play on tablets and smartphones.

My role on iD Gum was to build iD ArtCade from concept to completion. We've initiated concepts for the platform in which the games live in and over 300 games. I was overseeing concepts, game play, individual game designs, and website and mobile designs. I also got to throw down game designs for Shknitting and Catapult.

The iD Gum Facebook and Tumblr are updated with original content like memes, gifs, artwork, events, game releases, and product posts. We concepted over 200 posts.

Play iD ArtCade at Also available in the App Store and Google Play.

Agency: Droga5
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Group Creative Director: Neil Heymann
Lead Producer: Toph Brown
Creative Mutant: Jen Lu
Art Director: Nick Schmidt
Copywriter: David Ma / Colin Lord
Designer: Ryan Hoetling
UX Designer: Eileen Tang
Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale
Executive Producer : Lindsey Slaby
Producer: Danielle Mund
Strategist: Chet Gulland
Production / Design: Chunk Games / Rehab Studio
Case Study Track: “Another Winter “ by Anamanaguchi

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