Being God in human form, Jesus possessed the life He came to offer everyone who comes to Him.
The life He brings is not only for eternity but also for here and now. While we may wrestle with the
circumstances we face, we must believe the life He offers us will never be taken away.

Jesus described the life He offers as having favor, liberty and the Presence of God. Favor refers to
the blessing and abundance that become apart of our lives when we know Jesus: peace, joy, hope,
love, healing and comfort. Liberty means freedom from anything that puts us into bondage and release from
hang ups and habits. Most of all, however, with Jesus, we have the very Presence of God with us.

Even in the “valley of the shadow of death” He is with us. A shadow is a thing, which temporarily and
lightly touches us, yet has no long-term consequence. For Christians, we can embrace the truth that
death is a temporary shadow, and Life is our sustained reality, with the end of our physical life moving
us into a reality much greater than what we experience here. It is the opposite for those who are far
from God, where life is a temporary shadow and death is their sustained reality.

Just as Mary was “made pregnant” with Life, it is deposited within us from the moment we accept Jesus.
As we continue to trust and grow it unfolds in our lives, and we are moved from life to life. We need to ask
ourselves if there is anything we possess that “would ruin our life” if it were lost, and release our hold on it;
we need to embrace the Life Jesus offers.

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