Meditation on birds in space, the essence of flight, wings and feathers, flutters
Inspired by Constantin Brancusi's sculptures titled Bird in Space: to make something simple is the hardest thing of all

Audio mix from EMP's "Criminal Act"

Notice from EMP:
Here you will find some live improvisations, edits from live improvs and a few other written tracks by EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse/ex-modo praescripto).

Feel free to remix, mix, cut and edit or use to accompany video works etc.

Make your own compilation/album from the files.

Feel free to share.

All we ask is you do not use the work for profit/personal monetary gain
and that you credit EMP if you so use any of the music & soundscapes etc
contained in these files.

Share freely, do not sell.


Best Regards,

If you wish to contact EMP please email:
Title your email subject as: 'EMP'

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