Those of us lucky enough to call the beautiful state of Colorado home, also get to enjoy the many luxuries and freedoms that come with living in God's country. Whether your thing is bluebird pow days, bagging monster 6x6 bull elk, fishin' world-class trout streams, or just simply vegging out to an episode of Ren and Stimpy with a giant bag of Cheetos or Goldfish, it's hard to deny that the Centennial State has much to offer those in search of the "good life".

Of these, one of my favorite haunts has to be the lack of fishing seasons and the ability one has here to fish year round. As a man from the midwest, with what most people would label as an unhealthy relationship with fishing, who experiences serious withdrawal symptoms if he doesn't get to fish at least once a week, and has since he was about 6... winter fishing in Colorado has been a godsend for me, successfully remedying many of cabin induced fevers and violent cases of "the shakes". Not to mention, it makes you feel like a genuine badass motherf*%#er. The Samuel L. Jackson of anglers if you will. It also doesn't hurt when you get to stick a couple of Royale w/ Cheese's while freezing your nougats off.

Captured entirely on a GoPro Hero3, edited in FCPX, and filmed on 12/12/12, the video illustrates a typical winter trip to the infamous Yampa River tailwater below Stagecoach Reservoir. Starring extreme net man / illuminati fishing guru / and Fly Fishing Outfitter's jedi knight - John Muir, as well as yours truly..... it includes some dope melodies, fancy hipster editing, rad underwater footage, a token time-lapse or two, and luckily......... a few fish. Hope you enjoy!


"There ain't but one time to go fishin', and that's whenever you can".
-- Diron Talbert

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