Trollhaugen - The Last Jam - Mayans Predict Shred.
Details are sketchy. All we know for sure is that centuries ago, an ancient, advanced civilization predicted that Dec 21, 2012 would be a day of tremendous importance. Troll historians and philosophers have now concluded that this prediction, wrongly interpreted by some as the end of the world as we know it, is actually the date for the final Troll rail jam of 2012. Mark your calendars. This is the event to end em all! ... and if it is the end, wouldn't you rather be shredding?

Prizes: $221.12 for 1st Place Open - Gear from the House through 3rd place and a bunch of swag.

5 Divisions - Open | 16+ | Ladies | Skis | 15Under

Reg. 6pm-7:15 in the Game Room $10 | Open 'til 3AM

Tunes: Exile by 4onthefloor | Get it -

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