2012 Demo Reel


Rise of the Guardians
- Pitch Lair environment, shading and texture painting.
- Burges town buildings, shading and texture painting.
- Family dog, shading, texturing, and grooming.
- Gold fish, dinosaurs, and other dream sand creatures, shading, glitter particle system.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
- Polly juice potion sequence. Shading and grooming hair for digital doubles transition.
Ron Weasley and Mad eye Moody.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
- Room of Requirement sequence. Texture painting for various props, chairs, carpets, tables, cabinets, and other set pieces.

- Texture painting for International Space Station modules. Texture painting for
Digital doubles.

- Texture painting and shading for CG Chinook helicopters and Saddam Hussein’s Republican Palace complex buildings, statues, dome.

Angels and Demons:
- Matte painting of Vatican building, roof, and dome on top of a very basic CG render - geometry with very little texturing.

- CG Bell helicopter, matte painting on façade of Vatican building to improve CG render.

- Hi resolution Vatican dome for close up shots. Low resolution dome for distance shots.

Golden Compass:
- Texture Lead on wolves for the final battle sequence. Texturing, shading, and grooming for the four variations of wolves.

- Pigeons, all texturing, shading, and grooming of fur and feathers for pigeon variations.
- Narissa dragon. All texturing and shading for the hybrid reality/fantasy Disney style dragon.

Charlotte’s Web:
- Crows, all texturing, shading, and grooming for fur and feathers. Full CG crows as well as head neck and foot replacement.

The Incredibles:
- Nomaisan Island jungle floor. Velocipod chase vehicles.
- Large oak tree and various set dressing in park.
- Incredibles’ home interior and exterior. All textures for surfaces, furniture, food, decorations, and set dressing.
- Jack Jack the Incredibles’ baby.
- Gilbert Huph, Mr. Incredibles’ boss.

Artificial Intelligence:
Model and miniature painting.
- Approach to Rouge City and various buildings, set dressing, and neon tubing.
Broken buildings in flooded New York. Cybertronics building - the green one.

Star Wars, Episode 2 Attack of the Clones:
Model and miniature painting.
- Power station and Coruscant city. Model and miniature painting of power station set, various buildings, and set dressing on the street. Primarily the large purple building at the center of the set.
- Jedi temple library interior set.
- Dexter’s diner set buildings. Primarily the light green one screen left, the dark red, blue, and lighter red buildings.

Pearl Harbor:
Model and Miniature painting.
- Doolittle raid sequence, Tokyo bombing. Very large miniature set of and industrial military area of Tokyo. Buildings, trains, rooftops, chimneys, water tower, and all set dressing for a pyrotechnics shot.

Monkey bone:
Model and miniature painting.
- Dark town set. Very large animatronic hand that fully articulated. Dressed to look like a boardwalk with rides, stalls, and buildings. Boardwalk train track.
- Death’s office and train station with buttressed glass roof.


- Wood Clock, North workshop set. Texture painting and shading.

- Tribal mask, North workshop set. Texture painting and shading.

- Tribal mask2, North workshop set. Texture painting and shading.

- Pigeon, fur and feather grooming and testing for feather collision during animation.
Texture painting and shading.

- Chloe the Chihuahua, the main character in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Fur grooming, shading and texture painting.

- Stylized Black greyhound, fur grooming, texture painting and shading.

- Stylized Hero greyhound, fur grooming, texture painting and shading.

- Stylized Hero greyhound close up, fur grooming, texture painting and shading.

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