The problem in getting a Visa to enable travel from a “third world” country to any “developed” country is something that sometimes seems to be impossible if you are just an ordinary-average citizen from one of these countries.

The requirements and documents you need in order to be granted a Visa sometimes are not enough and most of the time “for unclear and unfair reasons” visas are denied to the vast majority of applicants each and every day.

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness among people from all over the world, especially people from developed countries, about the extreme difficulties that people from the third world, in this case from Ecuador, have to face when they try to travel abroad. Difficulties they would not have if they would have been born in the USA or Europe, but as they are from "poor" countries, getting a Visa is more than just getting a simple document; it becomes an odyssey trying to travel with no certainty of a successful outcome.

Come on people! It is 2012. We are the same yet we still don´t have the same rights.

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