Call them Improvisors, directed by Evan Parker. Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music 2010. Sonic Arts Research Centre.
Full (and corrected credits):

With Evan Parker were:
Mark Trayle (electronics)
Gascia Ouzounian (violin)
Chris Brown (piano)
Paul Stapleton (percussion)
Dan Goren (flugel horn)
Don Nichols (percussion)
Han Earl Park (guitar)
Tasos Stamou (zither)
Dominic Lash (double bass)
Christopher Williams (double bass)
Nuno Rebelo (guitar)
Richard Scott (synth)
Steven Davis (drums)
Pedro Rebelo (piano)
Justin Yang (sax)
Franziska Schroeder (sax)
Simon Rose (sax)
Ulrich Mitzlav (cello)
Paul Stapleton (Bonsai)

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