Hello Friends and Family! We’re into full swing with the fun and excitement of our celebration of the Christmas season and the birth of Jesus Christ. Our prayer and hope for us is that the services and events we provide during this time will help us focus on the things that are most important. It’s so easy to make Christmas the busiest time of the year and miss out on the One we celebrate.

Our series is all about the moment when Jesus came to Earth and God declared, “Let There Be Light.” Light is the central biblical metaphor used for the impact of the birth of Jesus. He came to bring light to a darkened world. He came to bring hope. He came to fulfill the promises from the Old Testament concerning the Messiah.

Today we’re going to spend our time looking at a situation just prior to the birth of Jesus where an angel from
God came to declare that the time of waiting was over. The Messiah would be coming soon. Over 700 years earlier, the prophet, Isaiah, told of this event and the nation of Israel had been waiting and waiting. We’ll see how God works in times of waiting.

If you want some help in focusing on Christmas and what Jesus means or to pick up some Lanna Coffee, please stop by our Next Step Bookstore and take a look at the books in our Pastor’s Picks section.

Celebrating Christmas with you,

Pastor Ron

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