Helen Quinn is a particle physicist, she is credited with the finding of several sub- atomic particles, most notably, the Axion, a "dark matter" particle.

It was my job to create a 10 second looping cut scene for the ceremony, while she is walking up to the stage to accept her award.

The requirements- 720p
10 seconds looping
Name, set In Avenir
After effects, Cinema 4d, Mograph module.

The Concept- I wanted to show her sub atomic particles interacting with one another, and then show the "axion", the dark matter particle, when her name popped up on screen.

By and large, the animation is true to the storyboard. Originally, my storyboard called for three distinct scenes displaying her particles but I decided to turn the second scene into a transition because I wanted more time to display the text.

Instead of building the animation with a set starting point and an end I built it on the loop, that way it would seem seamless. So, the ruff start and ending are intended to be that way, as they are supposed to loop around.

Let me know what you think
-- M

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