AAPP is a gesture and Augmented Reality based platform which combines with hologram projection installation, to let users could only use gestures to manipulate and interact with 3D models, without any physical controllers.
The 3D model would look like float in the air, to give users a feeling that they are interacting with something in reality, as a toy in their hands, to increase the realism.
This platform could fit some commercial scenarios such as for car shows, to provide an immersive and more engaging experience of interaction and customization. Also, this gesture and Augmented Reality based platform can let people interact with something which does not exist yet, and could be used in many other areas, such as surgical training for doctors, previewing printing mode for 3d models intended for 3d print, previewing architectural and urban planning models. This platform might be used for helping the design process of some engineered mechanical products such as cars, boats, to let people can interact with the demo models, and explore them, even look inside them, etc. And mathematicians could use this platform to mange and interact with some large data sets.

The functions of this project:
1. Through this platform, users could directly use gestures to manipulate the 3D car model such as rotate and zoom, without any physical controllers. It combines with hologram projection installation, the car model will look like float in the air.
2. Users can see every details of the car model and use gesture to click different details of it such as wheel. When users click the wheel, it will play an introductory animation of the wheel to let users get familiar with the details.
3. Users can use gestures to customize their own cars, such as changing different color, accessories of the car.

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