Cuisine and Dining Aboard

The classic traditions of French and International cuisine are an unforgettable highlight of your cruise. Our chefs are experienced, highly-trained culinary artists, whose gastronomic creations are often rated higher by our discerning clients than those they have sampled in top restaurants.

Before you wake each morning, a crew member has visited the local patisserie to collect newly baked breads, buttery croissants and a variety of fresh pastries, which will be laid out in the saloon with an array of fresh fruit and other accompaniments. Together with the aroma of fresh coffee brewing, the day has just begun and you may want to enjoy your breakfast on deck.

Luncheon will be a colourful arrangement of salads, pâtes, savoury quiches and of course, a selection of cheeses, all accompanied by an excellent choice of wines from the barge cellar. This daytime feast is often enjoyed on the sun deck, perhaps while cruising.

Dinner is the culinary highlight of each day. Served by candlelight, each course is a delicious creation, complemented by fine wines. Your chef will use the best, freshest ingredients, bought from the wonderful local markets and pick fresh herbs from the small onboard herb garden to skilfully produce mouthwatering regional and national dishes that are full of flavour.

Our chefs will be very happy to accommodate requests for vegetarian and special diets and these may be made at the time of reservation.

Wines and Cheeses

Whichever region in Europe our hotel barges meander through, but particularly in France, you can be sure there is a truly wonderful choice of wines and cheeses to enjoy, and our chefs and wine experts know exactly how to marry one with the other to make every meal onboard a memorable one.

Many of the great wine growing regions sprang up in the wake of Roman invasion and the influence of these master viticulturers has continued through the centuries.

From the Minervois, Corbieres and Côtes de Roussillon wines of Southern France to the full-bodied Côte de Nuits and Vosne Romanée vintages of Burgundy; from the renowned dry white wines of Sancerre and Chablis to the distinctive products of the Alsace and Moselle regions. And, of course, champagne. There is something to please every palate -- and we endeavour to serve, with great care, a wide selection on every cruise.

We also understand the history and making of every cheese we offer and each cheese course is a delightful journey into the local region's rich heritage and traditions. The cheeses all have a story to tell, from the creamy products of France such as Époisses and Chèvre au Poivre, to the memorably named delights of Scotland and Ireland such as Whiskey Chase and Cashel Blue. And let's not forget the flavoursome varieties of cheeses that Holland and Italy have to offer.

After one thousand years of wine production and the creation of many hundreds of cheeses, the locals are convinced that quality and choice are fundamental to everyday life, and we think you will be too.

*Video by Roger & Linda Fasteson - Notable Travels

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