The video piece, Rounding Up of The Self defines "What is a progression of maturity in a humanist term" It is an abstracted expression and vague exploration of the question by an artist, Jung-hee Mun. Jung uses same amount of materials to make 8 cotton balls one at a time and displays in a chronological order like a person's developing step as advanced through negative and positive experiences. In the video, the artist tries to make the balls perfectly round which involves repetitive action and perseverance. Random quotes by famous people randomly appears, which juxtaposes with certain gesture of the artist in the video.

"Proprium Cycle: Rounding Up of the Self"

The body of work which evolved around the title Proprium Cycle solves my years-long questions of defining self in micro to macro levels. I use body parts as a symbol for a proprietor of life and manipulate myself as a model.

My work begins with exploring the self and progresses to macrocosmic understanding of the self which is, in sum, how one composes a life. When time is added to ones experiences in the micro level, generalization and simplification happen, and it is a way of accepting the self.!portfolio

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