**[Put on your earphone/headset is recommended.]**

"After Rain" is an enhance version of short video from my previous production "Rain".
[Watch "Rain" in this link: vimeo.com/45479928]

If you have watched the previous video,
the starting of this "After Rain" video will have little bit of a recap from the "Rain",
and the footage is also enhanced into a slight different of experience,
then take you to an in-depth reminisce scenery after rain stops,
and continue to tell a short story from "Rain" to "After Rain".

Camera: CANON EOS 600D
Post-Production: Adobe After Effects CS6
Music Credits: TeMPlatonic by SoundTeMP (Features from Ragnarok Online BGM)
Produced & Directed By: Sim Shoong Kun (Me)
Presented By: Simplicity Production

2012 Simplicity Studio, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Disclaimers: Educational Purpose ONLY.

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