This is one of 15 Titles sequences we did for TedX Vienna 2012.
A human hand is grasping for instant information out of an overload of possibilities.

... check out dmesh ( ... we used it.

Derived from the words ‘instant’ and ‘insanity’, it symbolizes the spirit of our technologically minted times: everything now. How technology re-shapes our human nature and how we learn to control for the risks that inevitably come with it.

Albert Frantz, Dorian Crede, Ed Neumeister, Frederico Pistono, Georg Holzer, Heather Kelley, Jan Torgersen, John Casti, Julia Pitters, Kyle Ruddick, Niall Murphy, Tom Bieling and Wolfie Christl.

Team: Philipp Comarella, Simon Griesser, Silvio Canazei

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