About the Work

The work was produced to commemorate the 25th anniversary landmark of Maxon Computer, the producers of the popular software Cinema4D. A blue ball representing the Cinema4D logo races through the desktop, knocking against various objects (files, folders, and the trash bin). The ball shows no sign of slowing down, progressing continuously in celebration of the 25th anniversary. Rather than producing a work to deliver the message of the client to their users, the work aimed to present the fun appeal of the software by utilizing animation and the features inherent to Cineama4D, to exhibit a feeling of appreciation and gratitude towards Maxon Computer from a user's perspective.


我々も使用しているソフトウェア「Cinema4D」などを制作・販売しているMaxon社の、創業 25周年を記念して制作した作品。「Cinema4D」のロゴをモチーフにした青いボールがデスクトップ上を縦横無尽に駆け巡り、さまざまなオブジェクト(ファイル、フォルダ、ゴミ箱など)と衝突。そのエネルギーは止まることなく次の展開へと連鎖し続け、祝25周年のメッセージを放つ。クライアントのメッセージをユーザーに伝える他作品とは異なり、

Creative Director: Takuma Nakazi
Director: Daihei Shibata
Visual Designers: Daisuke Moriwaki Takuma Nakazi Kaoru Kudo Shingo Abe
Producers: Hiroshi Takahashi Jun Matsushima
Music Composer: cubesato

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facebook: facebook.com/pages/WOW-Inc/497854863591811
Twitter: twitter.com/wow_tokyo

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