Selva de Mar has been playing 'aquatic music' since 2006. Aside from touring around Europe, Japan and the Middle East, we have recorded 3 full-length albums, and many of our songs have been used for movies and video art works.

Our self-titled debut was recorded in 3 hours in Barcelona; one year later we made "Olas Invisibles," which was recorded over 2 days in a cathedral in Catalonia. With the third album ("Club Eden") we went in a live experimental direction: we recorded with live audio processing over the course of 4 days.

Now we are very pleased to announce that we're cooking our 4th album, once again recording in a church. But this time it will take longer, this album is a different story it is much more complex and deep -- each time we are trying to dive deeper to explore new sounds and textures…

our duo (hang, cello, percussion) has the pleasure to invite in this work:
voices; Stephanie Pan, Mu Silva
bassoon; Eyal Street
drummer; Oriol Roca
post-production; the secret artist
and our super producer from whatabout-music: Dave Bianchi

Now we are nearly done with the recording process, and we're entering the process of post-production. There is a secret artist who is part of this process, he is taking selva de mar recordings into a new voyage, adding a new processed layer to our crystal sound.

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