60 second international broadcast spot for Pirelli's Scorpion Tires. Power is nothing without control.


This commercial spot (Directed by Adrian Moat / RSA Films) was one of the most challenging commercial shoots I've worked on to date. Almost all of the footage you see was shot on location in -20 degree weather on Baffin Island. We had an elite team of BASE jumpers, led by JT Holmes, and an exceptional mountain shooting team. The shoot was built around having a heli for 6 days to scout and access the BASE jump exit points and shooting angles at the top of the walls. Unfortunately, due to weather, the heli never showed up. So, instead of having a Cineflex for shooting and multiple drop offs a day, we ended up having to climb everything and shoot long lens BASE shots manually. After climbing and hauling camera equipment, tripods, lens etc all day, we usually only had time to do one take for most of the shots. High pressure shooting for sure.

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