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in association with Born Denali

Witness the quest to make a mark in the climbing world, told through the eyes of Paul Robinson. Come along on his journey as he shows his proud first ascents to his friends Carlo Traversi and Ashima Shiraishi, both vying for second ascents. Watch Carlo and Paul scour the mountains of the Western Cape in search of new majestic lines. See what it takes to be a professional climber, the struggle and the satisfaction. Every athlete has an optimal temperature and weather condition in order to perform at their best. For a boulderer, the optimum is cold and dry conditions and in order to live the entire year in these conditions, they must always be chasing winter.

Featured Climbs by Paul Robinson:
Oliphant's Dawn 8B+/V14
No Church In The Wild 8B/V13 (First Ascent)
Skobbejak 8B/V13 (2nd Ascent)
Mr. Postman 8A+/V12 (First Ascent)
Honig 8A+/12 (First Ascent)
Choc Kits 8A/V11 (First Ascent)
Super Goose 8A/V11 (First Ascent)
Light As Night 7C/V9 (First Ascent)

Featured Climbs by Ashima Shiraishi
Steady Plums Direct 8B/V13 (First Female Ascent, Second Ascent, Youngest 8B Send)
Fragile Steps 8B/V13 (Second Female Ascent)
Scorpion 8A/V11
Black Demon 8A/V11 (First Female Ascent, First Female 8A Flash)
In Search Of The New Sound 8A/V11 (First Female Ascent)

Featured Climbs by Carlo Traversi
Paranormal Activity 8B+/V14 (2nd Ascent)
Mirta 8B+/V14 (2nd Ascent)
Ground Swell 8B/V13 (First Ascent)
Armed Response 8B/V13
Inclement Summer 8A+/V12 (First Ascent)
Classy Pirates 7C/V9

Featured Climbs by Griffin Whiteside
Illuminate The Unknown 7C+/V10 (First Ascent)
Sound Of Violence 8A/V11

Featured Climbs by Alex Kahn
Vertically Challenged 7A+/V6 (First Female Ascent)
Shrek 7A+/V6


Alexander Kane - Nebulous Aleatory Series, One
Cassette Culture - We Once Had An Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix)

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