Israelis go to the polls on January 22nd to elect the 19th Knesset. Some 34 parties are registered to vie for a place in the 120-seat parliament. Current polls show the now merged Likud-Beiteinu list comfortably ahead, with about a third of the seats. However, with elections two months away, in Israeli politics almost anything can happen.

To help gain an understanding of the issues facing the country's next government, and the parties' different policy positions, six party representatives will discuss their party's platform and answer your questions. Representatives will include:
Likud-Beitenu - MK and deputy minister Ayoob Kara
Labor - Erel Margalit
Yesh Atid - Ofer Shelah
HaBayit haYehudi - Jeremy Gimpel
Meretz - ambassador Ilan Baruch
HaTnua - ambassador Daniel Shek

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