Directed by Alexa Gerrity and Filmed in Los Angeles

Inspired by the cool menace underpinning “My Love is Real”, with its unsettling refrain of “until it stops”, I present the band as an ambiguous presence––to convey the uncertainty that threads through the song in a California setting, a setting restrained, but with something darker beneath the surface. The refrain of “until it stops” threads through the song, propelling the visuals, gathering momentum in a slightly unnerving arc.

Inspired by The Swimmer (1968) starring Burt Lancaster based on a short story by John Cheever (1964), I present a honed, focused and surreal narrative. The video unfolds from morning to dusk, blurring fantasy and truth, presenting a strange allegory of life, a surreal take on the hero’s journey where the discovery is the tragic nature of life. As one member of the band observes, the other members appear, dive into the pool, emerging out the other end before moving on their way, culminating with “Until it…..”

Director, editor, creative developer, art director, content producer Alexa Gerrity
Photography by Matt Daniels
AC/Gaffer: Justin Lebanowski
Wardrobe and styling: Katrina Thomson
Makeup and hair: Kelly Sorensen Hansen

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