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Whenever there is a full moon, I go a little crazy. More crazy than usual...but seeing it up there, in it's full glory is always a mesmerizing experience for me. I've probably seen a few hundred full moons in my life so far, but every single time that I do, I look up and say "WOW"! It's just one of the world's wonders that I will always appreciate.

Many times I have tried to capture the moon and the magic of it...but, it's actually very difficult to do. You either get just the moon exposed nicely, or you blow it out to a solid white circle in order to expose the clouds around it. The above video is a combination of two stills and some audio. You can find the project file which contains everything you need to create you own moon scene at my blog. There's also a free 30 minute tutorial that shows you the details.


My next challenge is to add a moon scene into moving footage. I have an awesome idea....stay tuned :)


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