Happy Holidays from filmsfilms!


Is calling on you guys once again to make something special to kick off 2013!

The Challenge!

1. Make a short film using ONE of the five words listed

2. You CANNOT SAY the word in the video.

3. At the end of the video please have the word in text somehow so we know which word you used to inspire your film.

4. It can be up to 2min and 30 secs long (it can go a little over but try to stay close)

5. You can ONLY PICK ONE WORD per video

6. Due between January 1st- 15th

Other things:
You can make it any kind of film. Silent, music, dialogue, dancing, singing, funny, sad, anything! Just try to meet the guidlines as close as you can!

You can shoot on any camera, phone, dslr, video, whatever you like best.

Thank you guys! SPREAD THE WORD! Lets start this new year inspiring others!


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