We're gonna pack up our things,
go Australia
we're running away
to where the weather is better
live for the down down in Africa!

We had a revolution
Industrial revolution
Now I'm going blind
Can't see a thing
'Cause I spend all my days in front of a screen
Skin getting thin
I aint got no vitamins
I'm getting out

Now I can't see the earth under my feet
'Cause I'm walking along, along the concrete
You tell me to be green
But you give me grey
Saying 'carpe diem'
Live for your pay
Now I'm getting away!

Nice little country
we've all degrees
And when we grow up we'll be secretaries
Typing for a company that made itself a job
Just to sell its useless services to other pointless knobs!

We're gonna pack up our things
Go Australia
We're running away
To where the weather is better
Live for the day down in Africa!

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