Hip Hop Damage Control - The New Vibe - Featuring TC III

With their debut album, "The Soul Repair Kit", Hip Hop's Damage Control has created a growing buzz in the Los Angeles' underground music scene. "In our modern age, music has moved to a whole new level" says Robert Bassett aka "Class" (Lead Rapper and Producer). But the question is, has the depth and content of today's music evolved at the same pace? For many of our conscious listeners, the answer is a resounding... NO!

Delanor Baychester Productions in association with Infusion Music Group is currently working together to bring this positive message to the music industry and the world. "The Soul Repair Kit" is Hip Hop grown up. This new CD speaks to the hearts and ears of every early Hip Hop fan with Jazz and Be-bop fused together to create the beats and sounds that we come to expect from Hip Hop in its 40's. Along with a positive messages that uplift the mind body and spirit.

"This Soul Repair Kit" will take you on a ride through hip hop's present that will have you pumping the beats from your iPod as if you were back on the block.

Hip Hop's Damage control soon to be release music video for their song entitled "The New Vibe" (Directed by: Marquis Simmons of We Gotta Camera Films) from the Soul Repair Kit" can be download on iTunes and is also available on CD Baby and Amazon. You can also listen the all the tracks of this album on Spotify and iHeart Radio!

The New Vibe:
Produced by; Robert D Bassett Jr
Written by: Robert D Bassett Jr. (ASCAP)
Joshua Kareen James (ASCAP)
Darrius Willrich (BMI)

Visit Hip Hop's Damage Control at hiphopsdamagecontrol.com
Follow on twitter twitter.com/@hiphopsdamage
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Hip-Hops-Damage-Control/133328896710988
Contact: hiphopsdamagecontrol.com
Linda J Rhodes: 312-212-0562 x 144

Video Produced & Directed by: Marquis Simmons
We Gotta Camera Films (Chicago)
Visit at wegottacamera.com
Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/@wegottacamera

Co- Producer: Infusion Music Group
Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/@groupinfusion
Press Room: pressroom.prlog.org/groupinfusion/
Phone: 312-212-0562
Fax: 312-284-4550

Copyright 2012 - Delanor Baychestor Production / IMG

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