work in progress Choreography on Dance Criticism by Jochen Stechmann

"A game referring to significations, enlivened by the personal style of performing and the nod towards popular culture
Mirjam van der Linden" - De Volkskrant

An Ongoing research on Dance Criticism and the relation between movement and language. The Critical Piece starts from a simple idea: to create a dance solely on the base of already written dance reviews. The usual order to write a review as a reaction on the dance is turned around: the dance is constructed as a reaction on the review.

Within a laboratory setup we explore choreographic structures in which the highly comitted performers methodically investigate their subject through the execution of specific tasks. These practices create multilayered insights into the mechanisms of criticism and the mutual influences of words, movements and perception upon each other.

Jochen Stechmann

Mariangela Tinelli, Amaranta Velarde Gonzales, Sonia Si Ahmed

Artistic Coach:
Suzy Blok

Supported by:
Dansmakers Amsterdam

Studio Presentation at Dansmakers Amsterdam, 10/2010

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