Shader/materials and texture painting from the years I worked at Bluesky Studios.


This demoreel mainly highlights materials/shaders/textures from:
the 20th century fanfare
Ice Age 3
Ice Age 2
Horton Hears a Who!

demo reel breakdown
- Twentieth century fox fanfare revisit: materials set lead for project. Responsible for all foreground materials. Worked with another TD on background materials.

-Responsible for materials on the Ice Age 3 villain, Rudy. Created multiple versions for select scenes. Created higher detail versions for close ups with the character Buck. Also I provided lighting with materials handles to deal with Rudy's eye for flashback.

triceratops family and headbutter
- Responsible for materials on the Triceratops Family. I also created materials for the background dinosaur headbutter [green dinosaur with small horns and an orange head].

the Scrat and various props
- Responsible for materials and fur coloring on the Scrat for Ice Age 2, No Time for Nuts, Ice Age 3, and Ice Age 4. I also created materials for the various props in these cuts. I created materials for the Excalibur sword, the time machine, and the set of leaves and trees. Plus I created the ice and the "ice donut" for the rolling Scrat sequence.

beaverDad, beaverBoy, diatryma mom and chick
- Created fur coloring and shaders for these four background character. They have been featured in Ice Age 2, Ice Age 3, and various Scrat and Sid the Sloth shorts.

manny the mammoth
- Responsible for materials and fur coloring on Manny, Ellie, and other mammoths for the movies Ice Age 2, No Time for Nuts, Ice Age 3, and Ice Age 4.

catacomb set and gem set
- Set lead on "catacomb" set which appeared in Ice Age 3. I created materials for walls, roots, vines, and the bone bridge. Set lead on "gem" set that was later removed from Ice Age 3. I created rock walls, roots, gems, calcium deposits, and wall spider webbing.

background plants
- Various background plants shaders created for Ice Age 3. The shaders were able to be used on a variety of plant assets.

minisloth set
-Created vine and burning vine shader for minisloth party sequence in Ice Age 2. I also made the lava material that appears later in the movie.

bigweld mansion exterior door
- I created the metal shaders and texture maps on BigWeld's door on Robots.

robot city
-Created materials for this transition sequence in Robots. Responsible for the pipes, various back ground buildings, and the green street sweepers. I also assisted on the three sets that were featured between the pipe transitions.

- Responsible for materials on the Robots villain, Ratchet. Created two versions: one for when he is shiny and one when he is rusty. Also I created materials for the Mylar balloons that fall on him in this sequence.

bunny and cookies
-Responsible for materials on the "cute bunny" with a plate of cookies. I also created materials for the cookie plate and ,of course, the cookies!

Images|videos seen within are the property of 20th Century Fox. The edited music is Ratata and Pogo.

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