WEAR//TEST was initiated to creatively examine the quality and performance of COMUNE garments in varying environments by individuals who approach skateboarding on their own terms. Through this we will be able to visually experience how videographers and skateboarders interact to present how the clothes are worn and treated from their point of view.

"I got the idea from this article I read about a camera (at low a shutter speed) catching moving objects in two places at the same time and the disconnection of information from your eyes to your brain. The process was fairly simple, I just needed the homies to do their trick twice at the same spot, which turned out to be more challenging as it went on due to the weather in Colorado. One day it was like 35 degrees and had just snowed the night before, hence the hoodies under the shirts." - Brandon Greer

Featured WEAR//TEST items worn by Justin Greer, Joey Abarca, Garrett Moore, Jesse Archuleta, Steven Gritz, Greg knight, Whitney Wells, Zach Bauman and Tyler Price:



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