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Under Suzuki is a man that needs no introduction. Breaking records is his business and thats just what he did on December 20th, 2012. After receiving a message from Under Suzuki earlier on during the week stating that he was going to rent Tsukuba Circuit for himself and wanted to break the record we promptly packed up our camera gear and headed out the door!

With roughly 22 minutes of track time and 4 sets of 295/35R18 Advan A050 tyres the stage was set for the 800HP SR20 powered Scorch Racing S15 Silvia. After Under Suzuki did a brief warm up lap the attack started! On his 4th lap he managed to casually lay down a 53.310; Faster than the HKS CT230R Evo Lancer! Finally in his 8th lap he cracked 52 seconds with an amazing 52.649!

With some more revised aero modification and an addition of a new ECU coupled with the amazing Yokohama Advan A050 tyres we can see Under Suzuki breaking into the 51 second lap times. I have a feeling Suzuki-san is only just warming up!


最速の男。それを達成するには、速いクルマ、卓越したドライビング・テクニック、完璧な走りを実現するためのひた向きな努力が必要。の最新映像では筑波サーキットのコースレコード更新を目指すドライバーの挑戦がキャプチャされています。この映像の主人公、鈴木さんは、800HP SR20DETレーシングS15シルビアで1分の壁を破る52秒649のタイムを記録。

Director / Film / Edit / Grade : Luke Huxham
Website :
Instagram : #maihammedia
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