Directed by Nino Le Chenadec & Fabien Chambert
Written by Kevin Sueiro
Starring Nino
1st Assistant Director - Marouane Tamim
Director of Photography - Julien Malichier
Digital Compositor - Tristan Pennequin
Sound Engineer - Rayane Marchand
Music - Jonathan Fitas
Edited by Joa Neves and Fabien Chambert
Produced by Arthur Le Bescond

With the help of Guy and Patricia G., Brianne Chereau and Sacha Bodiroga.

Video extracts from :

The Lost World
Christophe Colomb (arte's documentary)
Afrika Speaks
2001 A Space Odyssey
Africa Addio/Farewell Africa
The New World
Barry Lyndon
Stalking Moon
Tales of The Gun
Nazi Hell March
The Fifth Warning
Nature’s Great Events : The Great Melt
Undercover at Smithfield Foods
Earth Explosion (Michael Shanks on youtube)

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