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Stöðvarfjörður is a beautiful remote village in the East fjords of Iceland, however it is faced with the disappointingly common problematic of small towns. The fish factory in Stöðvarfjörður, once the heart of a thriving fishing industry closed in 2005, the village’s economy and population were hit. 32 employees lost their jobs, a large loss for a community of 200 inhabitants. The bank and post office closed, nursery and elementary school are under an increasing threat of shutdown due to a significant decrease in the population. Further shutdowns of the social services could wipe Stöðvarfjörður off the map if it doesn’t sustain itself.

In 2010, a group of creative people took a challenging initiative that might lead the town in a different direction.
The factory is now being transformed into an engine room for the creativity that we believe can regenerate and sustain our community.

The factory will eventually house workshops, studio spaces, a museum, café, and market. It will even retain some of its original purpose by supporting the local fishing industry. Spaces will provide a wide spectrum of creative options, from food, music to arts and crafts and encourage an influx of new people and ideas. The factory should be fully operational by 2016 with the clear aim of creating a platform for the increased self-sustainabilty and independence of the village.

THANKS TO ALL the supporters and collaborators for your help in the project

Every donation will help the creation of the Creative Centre
Bankareikningur: 171-26-606 / Kt.: 450711-0390
IBAN: IS88 0171 2600 0606 4507 1103 90 / SWIFT: NBIIISRE

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Documentary about the project by CSM:

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