Whilst shooting stills for a forthcoming service brochure, I managed to grab some short video clips with my FS700. I would have liked more time to concentrate on the motion picture, I just shot as much as possible with a view to cutting together a case study for the client in the future. I was excited to see how well the FS700 coped with the contrasty sunlight, and indeed the dingy workshop environment. I borrowed a couple of clips from my 'Day in Wales' video to pad out the mellow intro. It kind of links... perhaps.

This is the first video I've cut in Premiere Pro CS6. I must confess that despite rather liking FCPX I do find Premiere a joy to use. Having used pretty much all other Adobe apps, this felt a familiar interface. The grading was simple enough, Luma curve then three way colour to tweak the balance.

Being mac based, the rendering was a little tiresome compared to FCPX. I did invest in a Nvidia Quadro 4000 CUDA card as recommended by Adobe, but that ran very hot and packed up after 2 days! Back to ATI, at least its quiet too ;-)


Camera: Sony FS700
Picture Profile: 6 (looks nice and flat)
Recorded Internally: AVCHD (Still amazes me how well this holds up!)
Rig: Tilta
Lenses: Canon (L) 24-105mm / Sigma (EXDG) 20mm
Post: Premiere Pro CS6
Audio: RODE NTG2
Soundtrack: 'Dramatic Trailer' by PMWA (Audio Jungle)

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