The way that governments view the vast stores of data they collect and maintain is changing.

Through open data and transparency programs, governments are opening up their data sets to outside developers, civic activists, academics and journalist – creating new opportunities for application development, research and policy analysis.

This collaboration with outside data consumers is creating unique and unexpected uses of government data, allowing for an unprecedented view into how governments are performing and creating new ways of analyzing social policies.

This “open data movement” is also changing the way that government’s themselves think about their data. It’s helping to break down the traditionally siloed and parochial view among government departments about how data is used. Government managers are now looking across the enterprise (and across governments) for opportunities to collaborate with each other, and are starting to think strategically about their data and how it is used to inform policy decisions.

This session will provide an in depth analysis of the technology behind open data applications and provide technical details on some of the most compelling applications being built with government open data.

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