Egypt, the Ancient meets the Modern

Egypt, a country of paradoxes...You will experience this the moment
the summer sun shines on you. In this ancient land, even Time is
supposed to fear the pyramids. As for me, I spanned a time of 3000
years and back in a single day.

Story begins with the Nile. The gift of the Nile is truly the treasure
chest of the earth. No one knows it better than the Egyptians who live
in parallel worlds, at home at both.

For me, this journey was a roller coaster, one I coudnt get enough of...

At every bend and turn, I found hidden treasures. Some showed the way
to the future of Egypt while some catapulted me to the past,
triggering a strange sort of deja-vu. Everything seemed vaguely
familiar, maybe it was the warm egyptian hosptality that seemed so

Heart racing, I sat amongst the footprints of the sand of time.
Multi-hued memories lurked in every sip of tea, smoke that curled out
of my seesha, in the inviting window displays of a modern malls, the
Technology that fastened the pace of the country.

I knew I was home...

Anshu George
Dinoop Dayanand
Sumit Dagar

imagine cup short film finals

Time limit:
36 hours

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