After seeing Schwaighofer-Art's making of video: I thought it a nice gift for you guys to see how I handle an image, freestyle. I took a photo from yesterday and started free styling it to make it a real "Dracorubio". You can see me trying out different styles and techniques. Hope you like it

00:10 replaced the original head with the top hat version and blending it in

2:28 using Liquify to adjust proportion (it goes Wibbly Wobbly at some point)

3:16 trying out some color corrections

3:22 enhancing highlights with exposure

3:30 removing the eye, to get a more abstract glass

3:40 darkening the glasses, trying to get a equal look and feel on them both

4:44 more color correction

5:34 dodging and burning on a 50% grey overlay layer

6:50 more color correction, just trying things out

7:23 using the Color Lookup adjustment layer to try out different styles

7:50 looking if noise removal is necessary, decided not too remove the noise

8:00 decided to use unsharp mask to sharpen up the image

I also have 2 Dutch photoshop workshops planned in 2013, check for details.

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