Niall Gannon and his team focus on helping a unique niche in the the financial advising area, the ultra-rich. He looks at the total picture, not just the financials, of the client and his or her family. Niall studies where they are and where they want to go financially.

If you fall into this category of investor, I strongly recommend that you seek an opinion from Niall on how best to preserve and grow your portfolio.

In working with Niall, you'll find, as I did, that he is a genuine, caring individual that will tell it like it is and will do the hard work of crunching the numbers - ALL of the numbers - that will enable you to enjoy the life that you deserve.

Although, I'm not a client, rather a vendor, he made me feel very welcome, was fantastic to work with and made this a very special and satisfying project.

Here are a few comments that Niall made about this video ...

"Mark, this is wonderful. The shoot in the conference room of my research office looks great. I REALLY like the way you weaved my team into the process. Thank you for putting the cherries and sprinkles on the cake.

My compliance officer (at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney), as well as my senior editor at McGraw-Hill have both approved. I will be strongly recommending your services to colleagues and also McGraw-Hill and my book publicist (Meryl Moss Media Relations).

Thats a wrap!!!!!! Thank you Mark!!

This has been a wonderful experience Mark. I'm glad we met.

- Niall"

Niall was also nice enough to send a note to his book publicist, Meryl Moss...

"I wanted to introduce you to Mark Zimmerman, executive producer at Prima Digital Video. You will see that his work is amazing, prices reasonable, and I believe his services would be a great follow on for your book authors who wish to increase their online profile."

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