- The Story -

Wow! Where do I even start? It's not every day that you get to film the wedding of one of your closest friends. I remember like it was yesterday when Hunter told me he was going to ask Rebekah to marry him. As it turns out I was going to ask Harmony, my wife, to marry me at the same time.

What followed was Hunter and I meeting once a week giving each other updates about our fiance's fathers, proposal ideas, and engagement rings. In the midst of our weekly meetings it suddenly hit us, we were both filmmakers ,but had no one to film our own weddings. Almost immediately we had the solution, why don't we film each others weddings?

From that moment on, I knew I had signed up to tell one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. Usually I would tell you every little detail, moment, and happening of this amazing story, but honestly I would fail to do it justice. That is why im going to have Rebekah tell it to your herself:

Hunter and I met in November of 2006, when he joined an outreach team to serve the lower caste people of India through my parents’ ministry. I was a missionary kid who grew up in India my whole life. On that particular outreach, Hunter was the only other teenager on the trip. That caused us to inevitably become friends. Though Hunter liked me, he never said anything because I was dating someone else at the time. (He did, however, go home and tell his mom that he was sorry, but he may be living in India for the rest of his life, because he is going to marry a girl that he met while on the trip.)

After he left, we stayed friends for an entire year until he returned to India the following November. He sent me packages with chocolate and other films he had been working on. My whole family tried to convince me that he liked me, and I denied it. BUT, when he came back the following year, I truly fell for him. We began dating and that started a long process of off-and-on long distance teenage angst.

The steady dating began in the spring of 2010, when I was at Biola and Hunter got accepted into the film school there. We dated for a year, and then there was talk about marriage. We dated for another six months, and we decided that we didn’t want to prolong the dating stage anymore. God clearly called us together, and he was doing that now, in the present. God told me that first, and then he proceeded to reveal it to Hunter on his 20th birthday.

Hunter asked and received his parents’ blessing, and then we asked and received blessing from my parents. He proposed to me on November 25, 2011, the four-year anniversary of our first kiss, on the roof of his house, complete with Indian snacks, chai, lights, and an adorable journal entry that he wrote after our first kiss. It was a beautiful moment that confirmed and declared our confidence that God was calling us to serve His kingdom together for the rest of our lives.

On June 1, 2012, we were married. It has been a journey of growth, learning, and so much joy as we study each other and love each other as closely as we can to the way Christ loves us. Our biggest hope is that our marriage and our life reflects Christ and his relationship to the church so that it proclaims the Gospel as clearly as possible for all to see.


To watch their amazing story unfold check out the film we created for them below:

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