Remix of ATONEMENT (2008).
Directed by Joe Wright, Edited by Paul Tothill, and Cinematography by Seamus McGarvey.

Featuring music from the original score by Dario Marianelli, including the songs:
'With My Own Eyes'
'Come Back'

Creative Exegesis:
The idea behind this project came from a critical exploration of the method of editing a feature film, especially looking at the length and timing of cuts (jumps, fades, dissolves). It explores ideas in editing put forward by Walter Murch in his book 'In The Blink of an Eye', adopting a both mathematical and dramatic method in piecing together the story. Each shot of the film is cut down to 12 frames, with a jump cut to the next shot occurring when a cut occurs in the original edit. It examines Murch’s claim that the most effective way to edit a shot/scene is to incorporate individual frames that encompass the entirety of the film’s plot, structure, method of storytelling and style. Therefore the tiniest portion of the finished film, i.e. 12 frames per shot (or even each individual frame), itself incorporates the themes and style of the film in general. This is turn allows the film to be its most dramatically effective, when even each individual frame can tell a story.

It was interesting to examine Tothill’s cuts in terms of sequencing as the film itself starts as a multi-faceted tableau of errors. The film adopts distinct shooting and editing styles when moving the story to War torn France and London to see the continuation of Robbie and Briony’s lives in the aftermath of the lie, while still holding true to the themes of atonement, creation and artistic forgiveness overarching the whole movie.

This project is a testament to an amazingly beautiful film.

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