I have had the pleasure of living in Tokyo for almost a year now. It's a truly fascinating place, and I wanted to capture a little of what makes it special. I've been taking photographs all year, but my Olympus PEN EP-1's video mode is so noisy and unforgiving. Thankfully I have had the opportunity to borrow a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and shoot with it. I'm no cinematographer, and this clearly shows, but the image quality this camera produces are truly stunning. It's been so easy to use, and a lot of fun just to wander around and film without looking (too) conspicuous. I hope that the videos I upload give some idea of what a total novice can do with this camera. Just imagine what a novice with a tripod could do!

Shot using:
Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Voigtlander 17.5mm
Olympus OM 35mm f2.0, 50mm f1.8
Intel 520 480GB SSD

And that's it.

I shot this video in one cold night walking around Akihabara and the area around the Sky Tree, and then edited the following morning. Everything was shot in ProRes 1080p24 in Film mode, and edited with FCP X, I only made minor adjustments to make the footage as close to how I remembered it looking in real life, nothing fancy.

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