Devaki Nandan Das is my maternal uncle and since his mid-20's he has dedicated his life in the service of the community, through various activities inspired by the ISKCON Movement.

This short video aims to take you on a journey into one of his projects, commonly called the "Khichdi Programme", in which a nutritious rice meal is distributed to the local slum children in the small town of Navsari (India).

What inspired me most is the overflowing love and devotion my uncle still continues to lives by, even now in his 50's. As you can see in my other video (Mangal Arti, he wakes up at 3.30am every single day in order to offer worship to Lord Krishna and other deities. His faith motivates him to wake up so early and work tirelessly, that to usually alone.

Devaki Nandan has been running the "Nitya Seva Trust" in Navsari and has established a Temple and small community where he lives. Contributions of any kind are welcome in supporting the community or spiritual activities undertaken by the registered charity (India).


Filmed by Pramal Lad, Edited by Amal Lad.

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