Compose and Produce : Yao Xi
Erhu : Wang Nan (live and prerecord)
Vocal : Yao Xi (prerecord)
The English name stands for the process of the whole piece of music. “Xu” is a sound word for requiring quiet atmosphere. “Woo” is a English word for seeking and longing. These two words together are also with a similar sound of a Chinese word - “虚无“, which means “illusory”. Very close to what I want to express in this piece.
Scene: Erhu performer was playing alone in an empty dark space. Beside what she was playing, there came an invisible vocal from far away. She was curious, and wanna seek where the sound came from. She played her instrument and was longing to catch up with that vocal sound. Slowly, those two sounds start melting together and spinning through that empty dark space. And the whole “empty” turns into endless “illusory”.

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