Deus ex Machina I
New Latin, a god from a machine

Mixed Media
Dimensions Variable

Stage 1: The viewer steps on to the steel stepper

Stage 2: The individual's weight is calculated using an analogue scale
(The weighing machine is calibrated to read up to a mximum of 120 kg. In cases of exceeding this limit, the needle will go back to zero, reading the input as an error/mistake.)

Stage 3: Once the needle reaches to a halt, the viewer is to press a red button

Stage 4-5: This red button initiates a statement that is displayed on the LED scroll. ( 'Bismillah-ur-Rehman' / 'In the name of Allah' is displayed continuously on the LED until someone presses the red button after gauging their weight on the scale. Bismillah-ur-Rehman is the expected prayer to be spoken by Muslims before intitiating any activity as an act of remembrance of God )

Stage 5: Finally, a statement ( which is basically an urdu translation of an excerpt from the Quran ) is scrolled across the LED. This statement is displayed according to weight i.e. if a person weighs 45 Kg, then the 46th database entry will be displayed (considering the first entry is zero kg).

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