After its war, Guatemala had two Truth Commissions, one driven by the UN and the other by the Church. Both reports agree that the State is responsible for the majority of crimes committed during the conflict. They further point out that the State committed acts of genocide against the Mayan population. There were over 600 massacres like the one occurred on the community of Plan de Sánchez, that each year commemorates the crime. Even today, after 16 years, Guatemala fights a permanent battle both against oblivion and for justice. Institutions such as the Guatemalan National Police Historical Archive, the Centre for Human Rights Legal Action or the Forensic Anthropology Foundation work -without the support of the State-, to repair victims still seeking a clue, those responsible for the disappearance of a family member or justice.

Directed by: Oriol Andrés, Carlos Castro, Gemma Garcia, Iolanda Parra
Written by: Gemma Garcia, Iolanda Parra
A production by: Associació de Periodisme Fora de Quadre / Col·lectiu de periodistes Contrast
Country: Spain
Year of production: 2012
Original languages: Spanish, Achí
Subtitles: English / Spanish / Catalan
Original format: HDV
Format of exhibition: DVD / HDCAM
Coproduced with:
Institut Català Internacional per la Pau
With the support of:
Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament
Ajuntament de Barcelona

With the collaboration of:
Rew We

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