So many of our elementary schools are being forced to make deep cuts and hard choices.
Vital educational programs are disappearing from weekly curriculum.
Music workshop is here to help. We have created a monthly turnkey and completely free music education program that can easily be taught by teachers or volunteers.
In around 40 minutes of class time, you can give your students the invaluable lessons of music appreciation and study.
Through this innovative program your children will learn about styles… genres… instruments… cultures and even musicians.
Students participate in lively discussions and activities that can lead to personal growth academically, athletically, artistically and behaviorally.
Currently Music Workshop is also partnering with other music organizations to bring live performances, artists in residence and even reduced instrument and lesson costs.
Over 5000 students will receive the music workshop education program in the spring 2013. Your donation can increase that outreach exponentially within 1 year to 50,000 students and beyond.
Please donate today… your financial gift will enrich the lives of children around the country.

For more information visit

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