New clues have been uncovered as to why the human body eventually is resistant to opioid therapy.

According to Pain medicine news dot com, Researchers at the University of Montreal have found why opioids lose their effectiveness.

The findings are published as a study in The Journal of Neuroscience, a Canadian funded journal.

Dr. Graciela Pineyro, the studies lead author had this to say about opioid tolerance:

“We show there’s a molecular basis for creating a drug that produces less tolerance. With this knowledge, we can design better drugs with fewer secondary side effects.”

Dr. Pinyero went on to say that the research indicated each person is able to recycle receptors in our cells.

The study found the reaction of receptors that sit on the membranes of nerve cells varies when they come into contact with different opioids.

Arizona Pain Specialists Dr. Paul Lynch reacted to the study:

"If we could design new drugs that will look at the receptors and how they are being up regulated and how to basically decrease tolerance than it will be good for patients."

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