This film is dedicated to all of those who know they are more than society perceives them to be.

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Whether I liked it or not, I was living the life of what some people call, and “illegal alien.” This was not a choice in my life. I was brought into the United States at age 4. I had no concept of countries or immigration at that age, but I fell in love with what became my home. My entire school education began in the U.S. I recited the pledge of allegiance every morning in school, learned patriotic songs, and English became my dominant language. I first realized what it meant to be undocumented at age 16, when I wanted to get my first job. I realized there was a life of struggles and obstacles ahead of me that I had never imagined. Everyday was a struggle, mentally, because I could not do simple things like, get a driver’s license, get a job, apply for financial aid for college, or travel. But, if there was one thing the country that I love so dearly taught me, is to never give up on my dreams…. All of my hardships and hope have led me to this film.

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