On one of the rooftops in Beit Hanoun town in Gaza, during the bombings, my friend Yousef described political so complicated situation, in a such an simple, humane way, which tells everything about the situation in Gaza.
"Every day people die, every day babies come... and their future is unknown... Are you with me?"

The video and photos are made during the operation of Israeli army over the Gaza strip, called Operation Pillar of Cloud.
In the eight days of attacks 105 Palestinian civilians were killed and 4 Israelis. All of the coverage has faded away from the media already, as the war "ended". Truthfully - it never will.
People are the one, who will now have to fight it for the rest of their lives, with a missing limbs, lost eyesight, killed family member...

Photo&video : Matic Zorman
Editing: Matic Zorman
Gaza, 2012

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