The Quarry-Park of Brescia-east symbolically represents the green paradise always desired by the environmentalists but never realized by the past institutions.
The realization of the Quarry-park can be identified as a repossession of space for the citizens and transform some of the territories exploited by the gravel pits during the last thirty years, into a large green area.
'I Love Parco dell Cave' depicts the environmental problematics within the district and the committees' will to realize the Quarry's park. The environmentalists' portraits are interchanged with some green glimpses inside the area where the Quarry-Park should be fulfill in the future.The soundscape of the video, recorded in several points of Brescia-east, focus on the noise pollution, one of the environmental issues of this area.

‘We want the disused gravel pits of Brescia-East to be requalified, we don’t want new dumping. For 20 to 30 years, the citizens have been subjected to the traffic of tracks and dust. The administration has to protect the interest and the health of his citizens, not the personal interest of someone’. (A. 2012)

Matteo Sandrini | 2012
Advisor: Rupert Cox
Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology,
University of Manchester

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