Photo Portfolio 2012

Nicholas is influenced by his own personal struggles and finds art and photography a form of escape a “tranquil place” where the line between fact and fiction is blurred Stepping out of the

boundaries sett by society is one of Nicholas’s specialties, it gives him a different perspective on the small things that we often can take for granted. Social and economic turmoil and the fight

for the weak is often reflected in Nicholas’s work. Woman are created as angels or god’s in his eyes, with the use of light and darkness, Nicholas distorts reality and often pushes the boundaries

of sexy, erotic, sensual and sexuality to the limit. Nicholas might balance on the line but he does not cross it. The most influential people in his style is Helmut Newton, Michelangelo and

Salvador Dali. Nicholas often uses more then one medium when creating a picture. Often painting on top of them. In summary Nicholas is a Fashion photographer with a fine art twist to his work.

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